Am actually sitting at my desk and I can overhear a conversation between the HR and my Boss. Am one of the privileged employees those who have to seat at a corner of the office near the ”Big Boss”, not because I deserve it but because am good with people and this what happens when you are good with people. You dine with kings and Queens.

There was an opening in the company and the normal procedure was followed to recruit the qualified staff and it was a few days to reporting, we were all anxious, you know the anxiety of getting a new person, not because he/she will reduce the amount of work nor bring new ideas but that is always an opportunity for you to show off your skills and gain a bit of respect, everyone can confess this.

Unfortunately, the HR unleashes the news ” The Candidate is not interested in the position anymore ” we get surprised and we give that look confessing that we were listening. This is rare for a candidate to apply, go through the interview later decline the position, there are only two possibilities, either the candidate has gotten greener pastures nor he/she is stable in life and doesn’t want to get into hustles of waking up early to beat the traffic in Nairobi to be in the office at 8am and meet the fierce bosses that can give warning letters for just breathing. I wouldn’t do that in Nairobi, if I show up for an interview I mean business, am here to hustle and I go all the way.

I decided to do my investigations which is in line with my course “Journalism’’. I wanted to do those investigative stories like the Case Files nor Jicho Pevu when I was a fresh graduate who could fully define what is news and how to source news until one of my editor corrected me by telling me “News is what the editor decides is News”. You see this are some of the problems employees face when they have a passion and full of idea but get blocked by the seniors.

Well, I landed in PR and my skills still come handy. There has been a trending topic recently, where employers have been accused of mistreating employees, unfortunately this does not only happen in foreign companies that have employed locals but also to our own by our own.

I reached out to the potential candidate, and the fact came clear that she was afraid of being bullied as she was once a victim to her Boss and her walking in the interview she saw the same character which she opted to give up than fall victim.

I admit it is true bosses prey on employees’ weaknesses. They find great thrills in treating the workplace like a battlefield. Once they sense an employee’s soft spot, they pounce on it. The unsuspecting victim doesn’t stand a chance. Some managers may try and justify bullying behaviour as a “clash of personalities” or just someone’s leadership style, but this is not OK.

There are many ways in which a boss or supervisor can bully his or her staff. It could be by yelling at them if the employee doesn’t please the boss. It could be by constantly threatening them; always telling the employee that their job is at stake. It could be by embarrassing them by constantly criticizing them in front of their co-workers. It could be by putting the employee in an uncomfortable position; giving them an order that puts the employee’s job or reputation in jeopardy. And sometimes bullying can be less obvious. The bullying boss may simply ignore the employee or not include them in meetings anymore.

This really crashes employees esteem and they become non-productive anymore only to use your internet to look for other opportunities for they prefer to be fired than to be treated like trash.

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