On average, millennials use their camera at least once a day for social media according to Nielsen’s Mobile insights report and this is echoed in Kenya where millennials (16-34 years) in Kenya go online daily using smartphones for social media.

Selfies are synonymous to mobile usage by this generation and how people perceive them on social media is important to them. Celebrity or Socialites are people they admire and beautiful pictures of their lifestyle contribute to the millennials seeking the same status through displaying their lifestyle in beautiful, choreographed pictures.

Millennials are obsessed with their image and the content they put up on social media as they seek popularity. It is crazy how especially ladies take tens or even hundreds of pictures in search of the best shot to share on social media.

When choosing mobile phone brands, the ones with the best camera features are always the winners when it comes to purchases. This is why mobile phone companies have discovered that to be able to get this generation, integrating advanced camera features on their smart-phones will go a long way in helping this generating come to a faster purchasing decision.

Recently we have seen brands competing in this. Huawei Launched the Y9, Techno Mobile launched the Camon 11 pro, OPPO Launched the OPPO F9 which all come with advanced photo editing functions for beautification and best picture quality. This means taking that perfect selfie will not be such a hustle of sustenance and the brands have known this need.

Small things in the technology world have been known to change the market perception, Selfies is a factor to watch as brands have started dominating in this. Individuals are moving from the sophistication to the slightest of all features, SELFIES.

But, they might be wrong, who knows.


By: Catherine Maina

The Writer is OPPO Kenya Media Buying Specialist





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