Life sometimes is boring and annoying; I can’t imagine waking up to a routine, waking up at 5am just to beat traffic jam on Nairobi roads that are full of potholes. Encountering noisy drivers who operate like they own the roads, the unexpected fare hikes and the smell of garbage and open sewers. Engaging with nagging co-workers in the morning and so called fierce bosses who can give warning letters for just breathing, that is what it means to be a ‘Nairobian’. I remember I once twitted and said it is a miracle to be alive in Kenya, eating sewage vegetables, mercury in sugar and your money just flying away through corruption but all of importance is life.

We still need to enjoy life, have the best moments, live like a bird free to fly anywhere we want, eat, Randomly stop and glance at coffee shops, wander inside library stores and try on clothes you can’t afford, eat whatever you want to, don’t complicate life.
You should try to be part of the universe at all levels possible, build a beach sand castle and pretend to be a prince or princess. You sing loudly to Shakespeare’s songs and beat your senses crazy to the rock records every morning. Eat junk food and feel the satisfaction of a good meal. Just try out baggy clothes, eat food you are allergic to, let your skin react to this world’s possession.

Make friends but live in the moment so that nothing separates you from joy. Love with a spirit that fears an end, reach the end and find the courage to go on, accept the flow of life and never regret even one thing. Get your heartbroken a million and one times, kiss the frogs as you wait for your prince. Cry at midnight and smile by sunrise. Wear bikinis during winter and wear fluffy jackets over summer, be a little crazy. Scuba dive and bungee jump to the highest point, because life is as short as you make it.
Climb the mountain top and scream” mama I made it,” kiss while it rains, scream when it hurts, yell when you are unsatisfied, triumph when they want you to lose.

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