Just like fashion, the smartphone industry is becoming unpredictable, changing from the used old to the classic trendy and one needs to catch up or ‘up the game’ as the millennial say or get left behind.

On my usual errands I bumped to this stylish chip that compliments the way of life, am talking about the newest OPPO F9, just hang on, the device needed a practical hands on and from the experience it was absolutely mind blowing. From the touch I can almost conclude that this is the hottest  smartphone in Kenya right now.

The packaging itself is so pristine with silver text sitting beautifully on a contrasted white background, giving a taste of want even before opening.

Having a close look inside the box the first noticeable items are the accessories such as the three-pin plug, a USB cable, earphones, a SIM tray pin, an original OPPO protective cover and user guide manual.

The first impression is mesmerising, if you are a fun of style and you are keen to small details you will realise this by how effortless stunning of a model it is. It has no buttons on the front which maximizes the screen space for a better user experience and the back is so sleek you will not want to take your eyes off it. Yes that’s how amazing it is!!!!

There is a beautiful matte black finish on the phone with the OPPO insignia inscribed in silver. What makes the phone so sleek is how thin it is as well as the single stitch unibody design which is undeniably a smartphone novelty.

Forget the typical sharp corners on a smartphone as this one features curved edges which make the phone fit so snug in your hand.

I can’t forget about the outstanding camera. You can imagine getting crystal clear photos with the installed Ultra HD function like a professional, equipped with a DSLR that you can now forget at home, like that is not enough the photos can be used to print the outdoor billboards that you see every day.

The camera design does not protrude out of the device but instead fits so seamlessly into the device hence the sleekness.

The device features a headphone jack on top, a micro USB port on the bottom and dual speakers on either side of the USB port that give the phone a sense of uniformity. On the left side of the phone we have a pair of volume buttons that are very trim while the right side features a power button and to top it all off, a triple card slot for two SIM cards and a micro SD card.

The OPPO F9 display is eye catching as the apps pop when you turn on the screen. For those of us who love to use our phones at night we know how much the brightness can be a pain no matter how much you turn it down. This phone has a solution for that. You can change the brightness settings which simultaneously turn down the screen brightness and make the letters brighter for easier use.

For the unbeatable price of Ksh. 35,990 OPPO has done it again and this time for the ordinary mwananchi. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg anymore to enjoy a quality well designed smartphone where you are definitely getting your money’s worth and more.

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