Okay, brands like to tease about there new products that they will be launching to get people excited about it but rumors don’t get any stronger than this. Xiaomi, Chinese mobile manufacturer has teased to launch their next product that will have a resolution of 48MP, this is a full force comeback from the brand and this will put top-end 25MP – 40MP  full-frame cameras to shame.

From a tech guru perspective we understand that Of course, megapixels are not everything , you need something more to push the product but still this is proof the the race for more pixels is far from over and it is yet to get interesting over time.

The market have seemed to confuse different brands thus different products come with different selling points and target audience, OPPO also a chinese brand came into the market fully focused on camera, They started diverting to charging and now rumours has it that they may be launching the OPPO A7 which will be a design oriented device same to Techno, Huawei and Infinix with there recent products.

Back to the MP the current record holder in this particular race is Nokia with the Nokia 808 PureView which has a 41MP camera and the New Xiaomi tends to make a significant leap in this . The more recent Huawei Mate 20 Pro also tops out at 40 megapixels for its main camera while other brands still lag behind with 25MP or less.

Recently Sony and Samsung also announced that they will be introducing 48-megapixel camera components in the last few months – so it was only a matter of time until one of these made their way into a camera phone.

The smartphone is tentatively to be unveiled in January but Xiaomi been a slow brand in the country in terms of settlement the rumours are yet to clear if the device will be available in the country or not.

If we get a chance to review this device we might conclude that it is the best device among all.

Xiaomi is probably best known in the mobile world as the makers of the Pocophone F1 – which features a 20MP front camera.

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